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confidence vs persistence

I have been told lately I do not exude confidence which I don't never have. Always have been that person who thinks of herself and being kinda aqward but once I am comfortable in a location I can be very confident. To me it is a very transiant idea that changes with situations. These same people have been calling me out cause it has been in presentations. One thing I hate more then anything is being called out in a presentation. That is why I alway volunteer. The old trick I learned in school that most of the questions the teacher asks you will not know but when you do you better answer it so she doesn't call on you when you do not know a question.

I also have been thinking confidence I am not sure. Persistence has always been one of my qualifiers. Persistence and  confidence often go together but are not the same. If I want something I will work my butt off for it. I will be told no a billion times, because I just haven't goten it yet. However it has to be with self effic…