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I used to dream of dyslexic friends..... i have by being out many a dyslexic sometimes I think in my head that we all hide from each other. I work fairly closely with many friends who all work in different types of disability work. All of them have different disabilities and none of them have dyslexia. I was on a listserv recently and some one was looking for someone who looks at dyslexia from a disability studies perspective and I think I was all they found. My question to all of you is why? 
I do not know I have always found my disability to be this hidden thing that greatly affects me that I almost want to scream about cause it is something no one gets and I want to talk about and feel I can't. I also in a way I haven't seen in other areas see parents of dyselxics take this huge role in pushing dyslexic issues further and people with dyslexia are not. 
I feel issolated in this way. I also find the way I think about disability in general to be unique and in this something th…


I don't ever remember being specifically told I was smart. Like oh she is smart and there is someone at work who right now that is how she introduces me. I have found this interesting cause my dyxlexic brain doesn't know what to say to it. Even after a masters degree my reaction is to say you must be confused I am supposed to be dumb. It makes me really happy to hear... and it is wierd cause I thought I had got past those demons in your head that tell you your dumbe I guess not.