Disability and pregnancy

So disability and pregnancy, as part of my job I check out news articles on google about LGBT and women and have read a lot of different things. I also love when women and LGBT and disability are intersecting. Many of you know this about me. So the above article looks at disability and women and pregnancy. 

I don't know how I feel about this. I think pregnancy should be covered under multiple laws that I think should exist that currently don't. I also think it is interesting that people in the comments section have no idea what ADA is. ADA is not about social security or getting money from the government, in fact ADA is probably the exact opposite of this because it is main goal is to get people with disability to be able to have access to the world and inturn a job. ADA is that people should not discriminate against people because of disability or precieved disability and that not accommodating people because of disability is discrimination. Now you maybe asking what is an accomodation, an accomodation is having access it is not being successful, it means giving the tools to the world and it has to be resnoble. An accomodation is about making someone do a test with the same questions but those questions might be asked orally, on a computer, be answered not using a bubble sheet, in braille, in large print, answered with a scribe, or answered through a microphone on a computer. The questions however are the same, it isn't about changing what you need to do in a job or at school but how you do it. If with reasonable accomodations you can not do your job, you can not do your job. So now you know more about how I see ADA.

So the other thing about ADA is it says that a disability affects a major like function which can include eating, drinking, seeing, learning, or multiple other things OR a disability is something to be prieceved as a disability. So there is a good argument that pregnancy could at times affect a major life function and I think that a lot of people can precieve it as a disability.  Let's not even look at the term disability but at this definition. I have been hearing on my listservs of pregnant students going to the disability office to request accomodations for classes such as having classes closer together, being able to eat or drink in class, or other things. So some students are precieving that they should be going to disability services versus say a women's center or some other office. Now being precieved as having a disability does not mean you get accomodations it does however mean you can't be fired for instance for being precieved as having a disbaility. 

Another argument is that pregnancy at times can be a disabling conditions so sometimes pregnancy falls under ADA and sometimes it doesn't it depends on the pregnancy. This also would be inline that a disability diagnosis like for instant having bad vision is a diagnosis but because I am wearing glasses I don't need any accomodations. 

A lot of the reasons that people are bring up for why it isn't a disability is because it is saying being a woman is having a disability. Being a woman is a different classification and that should be protected as well as disability, so women wouldn't have to use this example. I agree being a woman is not being a person with disability, how most people define disability is uniquely different then being a woman and as being someone who is both I see how these two idenities as affecting me  as very differnt. What I find annoying is how the people responding to this article make their response to this as being a woman or being pregnant  isn't bad and being someone with a disability is soooo they can't be the same thing.  This also in some of these comments can lead to very ablist statements. 

However I wonder a lot about the statement about people will use their ablism to discriminate against women more. I see this argument, but shouldn't we be trying to fight both these stigmas together? So what do you think?


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