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Disability and pregnancy

So disability and pregnancy, as part of my job I check out news articles on google about LGBT and women and have read a lot of different things. I also love when women and LGBT and disability are intersecting. Many of you know this about me. So the above article looks at disability and women and pregnancy. 
I don't know how I feel about this. I think pregnancy should be covered under multiple laws that I think should exist that currently don't. I also think it is interesting that people in the comments section have no idea what ADA is. ADA is not about social security or getting money from the government, in fact ADA is probably the exact opposite of this because it is main goal is to get people with disability to be able to have access to the world and inturn a job. ADA is that people should not discriminate against people because of disability or precieved disability and that not accommodating people because of disability is discrimination. Now you maybe asking what is an acc…

Wicked and disability

So as some of you know I love the Wizard of Oz, have as long as I can remember. During this break I saw Wicked, which in many ways was an awsome musical. I loved the songs, I loved the sets, the actresses were very good who played the leads, and I thought it was closer to the real Oz books and character then the Wicked book was.

However, I don't know if I was just so angry at the book in general that I forgot how bad it was disability wise or if the play was worse. I have always been intriged by the Oz books because they have all these creatures with mutations, adaptations, and different ways of doing things. So I always thought the Oz books themselves were pretty disability friendly in general. The entire character of the Tin Woodsman is about aputation and creating tin prostetics to keep him alive. It asks the basic question of if someone is  adapted are they still a person and comes with the answer of yes. So in general on the Val scale of disability good books it has always be…