Rereading the Book that Changed my Life

Last time I went to my favorite bookstore, I found an old copy of the book that I read in 7th grade that helped me understand Dyslexia. It is called To Read or Not to Read by Daphne M. Hurford, I was currious if the book would still be good to someone who has read tons on disability and also on idenity and not just on the medical view of Disability. 14 years later it made me happy in most of the same ways. It talks about famous people with disabilties and about how different people with dyslexia work to achieve. It talks about discrimination, differences in laws and how special education can be different per school. It also talks about the differences between high school and college. Rereading it, it reads in many of the ways I think if I were to write a book it would sound. I think this probably means as well that this book has shaped most of how I view my dyslexia.

What also facisnates me about her book is how it is one big story. A story of the people who have dyslexia and how dyslexia affects them. I have routinely mentioned that at that point in my life and even today I am constantly looking for a disabiltiy community. For me that community of disability is important because the feeling of disability to me can be very issolating. The connection to this community or that feeling of being a part of a group for me is very important because it gives me hope and also allows me to feel like I am not alone.


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