Comments on writing and spelling

I have been overhearing a lot of comments lately that make me really pissed off. I address them each time and they still piss me off. I think the people who say them don't realize how they sound or maybe they do. I think because I am with more and more smart people the more they take for grant it people can spell. This is something that is wierd becuase I know I can not infact I write this blog unspellchecked  partially to prove a pont that I have come very far even with out help from where i was. I also do it to prove just because you can't spell means nothing.

I have never really been able to understand why spelling if it is close to write matters cause I can not catch spelling mistakes on my own and I know it. So after all that comments that say people who can't spell are dumb really piss me off cause I guess i know if that is the case that makes me dumb. I know at this point in my life that I am not dumb.

So comments I have heard lately are: If you can't spell something right then I don't have to pay attention to what you say, if you have extended time you are probably going to fail anyways, and multiple times lately if you can't spell you are dumb. I don't get these points. As someone who is dyselxic I think one of the first things you learn is that everything about writing and reading and education in general is differnent. I know for instant I am usually better at spelling longer words then shorter words. I know that if two vowels are close together in a word I am almost always going to spell it wrong. The more constants a word has I am going to spell it better. I know reading for me and spelling are very disconected since I don't read by the word but by the paragraph.

I find it wierd to discount people on something sooo small. Spelling to me is so igsignificant. I guess the idea of it is very important to some people. I know that being understood is important so if it is so bad you do not get it, I get why you would be upset. However, if you can understand it and it isn't for a grade why does it matter?  Maybe you have an answer to that, but I find it wierd how much people put on it but maybe it isn't important cause I have always lived with out that skill. I also at this point strongly belive that if I do not have the technology to use to fix it that in handwriting it is what it is and it wont be better.


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