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So Reading for the Blind ad Dyslexic have a  new name which is more abigous Learning Ally. If you area dyslexic kid like me I would guess most of you have heard about RFBD. In their recent change they made some good points one which is RFBD is a hard acronym for dyslexics to remember I have to a test that I am always trying to get this correct and specifically with the B and D right next to each other not the easiest to do. They also said they do more then work with Blind and Dyslexics again totally agree good idea to switch. So mainly I am not attached to the name RFBD at all. No warm fuzies just well there.

I am confused with the Learning Ally as the thing to switch to mainly cause there is nothing to connect it to reading or disabilities. I am okay with not being attached to one or the other but I would say most people think of them with print disabilities. So Reading Ally would be better. However I think everyone on this site knows my love for acknowledging that things are for people with disabilities and that doesn't affect me at all it annoys me when people try not to acknowledge it. I did always get annoyed with the free shipping for blind and handicaped wierd envelops they always came in. However considering now they are mostly MP3s I doubt this is a curent issue.

I will say I have always enjoyed the service and if you haven't checked them out before, you should because they are a very useful service and I think the best national org specifically focusing on print disabilities.  So check them out, I know that they got me through science cause there is something about reading opposed to listening to sciene that just can't quiet work.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your support. The name change has been in the works for quite sometime and we've expanded our mission and vision to serve more students to learn differently as well as our members in which our heritage was founded on. For specific details of our transformation including the adoption of commercial technologies please visit http://www.learningally.org/About-Us/19/

    Thanks again for your time.


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