Pretty Little Liars

So I watch this show on a fairly regular basis, mainly because I think it has one of the most honest potrayls of lesbians on tv. I think the coming out process is very honest. Each week I find Emily becoming a stronger more independent more sure of herself person. I enjoy the mystery of the show and all the main characters, but is it just me or is this one of the worst potrayls of disability I have seen in awhile maybe since million dollar baby.

They continue on the old steryotype of people with disabilities being evil and do it so intensly. She isn't just blind she is forcing her brother to have sex with her. They keep showing this girl as this sooo intensly evil person that just by looking at her the main charcters are so obviously frightened. They not only show her as intensely evil but also push this idea of pittying her for her disability. I keep hoping the show will some how stop the way she is potrayed but they never do.

So my delema has been I love watching this show for one of my idenities they do a great job with lesbians but in the same way they are horible to people with disabilities. I continue to wonder how can I watch this. Is it okay to have blinders on, do I have to be disability girl all the time? Does acknowledging how bad it is make it better if everytime watching it it makes me squirm.


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