Where is your favorite place on Earth?

One of mine is this big old bookstore in Detroit John King books it is filled everywhere around you of books. It is like all the old movies about an old hunted library. Your whole body feels like the life has been sucked out of you. I can not remember the first time we went, my mom used to work across the street and would tell stories of runnign across the street just to check what books came in. John King is the first place I started collecting old books. I would like to say I am a collector of old books what I like most about them is that as long as you don't want the top books you can get anything pretty cheaply in high school I gave gifts to people in drama by buying $1 shakespear complete colletions from the 1900s. I loved it cause they would be these imaculate copies that looked like they came out of an old movie but were really not worth anything.

I started by collecting wizard of Oz books, which are sadly a very collectable item which means they are hard to find and more money then I usually want to spend. Then I came to colleting old disability books, that frankly I swear i am the only one who wants. I go to the 4th floor and go to my favorite 3 book cases and I am in second heaven. I buy books for 3 bucks that are from 1910 and talk about the history of disabilities. The last time I went they had an entire row, I was in second heaven and bought a little more then the 30 bucks I was supposed to cap my spending at. 

What amazes me most about these books is not that they are about the pain of growing up with a disability in 1865 for instance. The thing that suprises me most is statements that say, "My disability isn't the problem but the way society views it" from 1865. The type of statement I hear almost weekly. Sometimes what suprises me most is not the actual increases and advancement made but the actual failures and the things people acknowledged as problems in the 1860s that are still the same problems today.

I always feel like I am in the isolated heaven when I go to John King it is a place that to me is a jem that makes me proud to come to Detroit. I wish they had a better online catalogue but in the same respect I would be scared by how much I would probably buy from them now I only go there once or twice a year and that never feels like enough.


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