legality vs accomodation vs equal vs really?

I sometimes think I know too much about the legality of the ADA. I know how people get around the spirit and use legalese to say that they do not have to do something. I question constitently when people will do what is right cause it is right and when they do what is legal and as long as the legal thing is right why does it really matter one way or the other. I used to have this very defined idea of what was right with accomodations that every asked for accomodation is right. I no longer do, however there are sooo many times that the question of rights for accomodations are so obvious a resnoble accomodation that it would be ridiculous in my opinion not for them to be granted.

The question I continually graple with is currently college isn't a right it isn't part of your basic education. Some of this has to do with money. When eliminated the money involved with education I see college as a right. What I question myself on is accomodations are about making the playing field equal in college everyone that is in college at 4 year institutions are there because someone has thought they can achieve. Which I love because there is no questions about can you do the work. However in the same respect I struggle with is college the next age group appropriate spance should special education in the respect of a group of people who can not achieve at the same level not that there is a barrier that they can not achieve be allowed to go to college. Is then the continual expansion of the next step of education meaning grad school even more expanded. College however is not about success in very real ways if you fail people care but they will not really think you deserve to succed. So it is kind of this wierd dicadomy they accept people who they know can achieve so if you are in disability servuces your job is to help them figure out the best way to reach the ability to achieve. However not neccisarly mean that they will sucede. It is an odd place. Routinely i think people think that accomodations mean success but they don't they just mean you can truely have the opportunity. I guess that is with all students though.


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