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Book list

I did all my resolutions this year except the book one which I sorta know I won't achieve but I like counting the books so 58 books and 22,798 pages.

1) Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman 370pg This was a really good book about the underworld of London I really enjoyed it this is the first of the suggested books by my cousins and I have to say almost every book they suggested I liked.

2) Sex Wars by Marge Piercy 411pg  This was an interesting book about the 1910s and a fictional potrayal of women's rights I read it for a book group and really enjoyed it.

3) The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey 487 Another cousin recomended book. I have quickly found out I love Mercedes Lackey I find her to be quick and entertaining reads. I also love that she has primarly female leads.

4) The Real Wizard of Oz: The Life and Times of L. Frank Baum by Rebecca LonCraine 329pg I really enjoyed this book learned L frank balm was a suffergete

5) Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer 280pg I found this just ok it was…

Where is your favorite place on Earth?

One of mine is this big old bookstore in Detroit John King books it is filled everywhere around you of books. It is like all the old movies about an old hunted library. Your whole body feels like the life has been sucked out of you. I can not remember the first time we went, my mom used to work across the street and would tell stories of runnign across the street just to check what books came in. John King is the first place I started collecting old books. I would like to say I am a collector of old books what I like most about them is that as long as you don't want the top books you can get anything pretty cheaply in high school I gave gifts to people in drama by buying $1 shakespear complete colletions from the 1900s. I loved it cause they would be these imaculate copies that looked like they came out of an old movie but were really not worth anything.
I started by collecting wizard of Oz books, which are sadly a very collectable item which means they are hard to find and more mo…


One of the things I routinely joke about is that I was working harder in 1st grade then I was in grad school. I am always amazed by this fact. Sometimes I would wonder to myself if that ment I was doing something wrong in grad school. It always made me keep going in grad school this maybe bad but at least when you do wrong you now know why so you can fix things.

That constant repetition of the imaginable things you don't know what to do. You get so tired of writing things over and over again. When you grow up you get to do things that are not repetitive. However in the same respect I find myself trying to find things that expand my writing to a point that I can be repetive in. I write down quotes sometimes because it is fun but also because it makes me work on my writing. I also write award nominations cause it makes me write things quickly and articuly with out proofreading usually so i have to be good at doing it myself and if I suck it doesn't matter. I find that writing is…

legality vs accomodation vs equal vs really?

I sometimes think I know too much about the legality of the ADA. I know how people get around the spirit and use legalese to say that they do not have to do something. I question constitently when people will do what is right cause it is right and when they do what is legal and as long as the legal thing is right why does it really matter one way or the other. I used to have this very defined idea of what was right with accomodations that every asked for accomodation is right. I no longer do, however there are sooo many times that the question of rights for accomodations are so obvious a resnoble accomodation that it would be ridiculous in my opinion not for them to be granted.

The question I continually graple with is currently college isn't a right it isn't part of your basic education. Some of this has to do with money. When eliminated the money involved with education I see college as a right. What I question myself on is accomodations are about making the playing field eq…