Is Disability fluffy?

A very long time ago I was told people with disabilities are fluffy. I took offences to it being that, I think most people who work with LD folks would if anything be called rude and a little rough around the edges. However this fluffyness idea has stayed in my head. I find myself when I hear it thinking of a room in my undergrad that to me was home... and I always secretly hope when I go up there and see my writing on the door(yes someone really should change that sign) that it will be open. I hope most that I am providing that space for my students, in the places I create. I sometimes think 441 needed some kind of older sibling esq character. I think we had visitors but never a real person.

I wish I could be like Brent who seemed to take care of those of us in the attic. He really was the LGBT coordinator but he seemed to take care of all. We also had these random outside folks who would come in and sorta help us out. I also sometimes think now my fluffy spaces are comittees on disability or my feminist disability discusions. However what I keep thinking is fluffy to me if it describes disability it isn't an individualized term fluffy if anything is like a warm fuzzy you get from being around others.\

I still play that in my head, it was one of those complete shock moments for me when it happened I looked at the person like they said everything I heard in my head and more.... I wanted to yell no I am not fluffy but I kept silent I don't know why. I don't know why that was important but it was. Maybe I am just a wimp, when people shock me they shock me to silence it is when I most truely feel alone and impaired. I know the intent wasn't bad. Which sometimes is harder... when people are evil it is easier to deal.


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