Disability and Gender

So I saw this article in a contex of another article about feminism..... Dyslexia/gender I am finding myself both agreeing and disagreeing with this article. I find the fact that the guy is controling her to be wrong... I find myself stuggling with the use of disability as a shrug off or a joke very confusing for me.  in the article from the blog. I also find myself hating the title becuase I find myself being annoyed by the fact that gender not being an impairment is a bad thing where the question of should an impairment it self be bad thing. I find myself angry anfd agreeing all at once and being annoyed.

The main reason being I say I am dyslexic all the time I joke about it. I tease about it..... I also use my teasing as a way to ask for accomodations. In the begining I used it more as a point of frustration when I knew my disability is really interacting with the way someone is talking or the subject or something completley different. I also find myself taking offense to it and wondering if the woman actually has any of her disabilities she is claming which makes me add to this question of why do people use disabilities they do not have to be funny.

Why is it okay for me and not for people who aren't. I come back to the idea that the disability is a huge part of myself so the idea of not acknowledging it as part of myself makes me feel like I am posing or lieing.  I also hate it when people lie about it cause I get all excited when people say they are dyslexic I find myself getting gidy and asking if the person really is most of the times the answer is no.

Why is my disability self defending her using these terms to say she is stupid when I clearly belive that is not the case. Why is my feeling connected to the idea that she is some how saying women are stupid and dyslexic in someway not even irking me. Maybe cause when I hear the word dyslexic my brain says oh she isn't stupid being dyslexic means you have an average or above average IQ? That those things are so connected.... why is it driving me nuts. How is it that I talk about disability and Feminism all the time and this makes me upset.... the person says they would be okay if she talked about her disability in a place of pride. Is the oppresion she feels of her disability affecting herself worth and womanhood and makng her more submissive in one of the things we always say happens with women with physical disabilities. Is this submission more likely to affect the way women with disabilities react to domestic violece?


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