When asked what I would call a developmental model of disability services?

Maybe I am wrong but what I thought development form of disability services meant was a change in conversation model or what your office does not eliminating accommodations. Helping a student talk to a professor, having talks about how and when they talk about accommodations in a job interview, or having adaptive sports or dance. Being more active in awareness such activities and trainings, having students with disability groups, or looking at disabilities services less as a rehabilitation services and more like a multicultural affairs office or women's center. Helping them grow as a leader working on the way they talk about their disability and are able to articulate it more; believing they can have leadership roles within the university.  

Also looking not on the accommodation itself but helping a student who doesn't know how to drive for instance looking at accommodations they might not know of like hand controls or talking about how to use public transit versus bumming rides for accommodations. Using the writing center versus a parent for proofreading or helping them use dragon. It isn't about weaning off but maybe the more independent accommodations and not even a push but an exposure. I think the big transitional things for me was in high school I was bumming rides and in college I learned to use public transit. Also the other conversations would be things like using dragon or using google to find correct spellings for words or using a talking dictionary versus just guessing on a spell check. All of which were facilitated by either my disability office or by participating in our student with disability group.

One of the most obvious way I see this is when talking to students about getting a councilor. Are you going to set yourself back by not being able to get your work done or are you going to take control and look for help. I a lot of times find the moving to independence for grad school is having students learn to figure out how to take out their human accommodations and how to find things that will be at most cities they want to move to or a technology they can take with them. In a lot of ways this is about asking for more accomodations or finding the best adaption. 


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