There seems like a lot of disability issues poping up lately

So yesterday was a bad disability day... I am in a new city and my bus to work doesn't run on saturdays so I walked... I live in texas so it is still really warm outside(driving me nuts a little but transit wise it is great). So I could take a couple options to make my walk just a mile versus and mile and half to 2 miles.... choices choices. To me the obvious answer is to walk. On the way there no big done that 3 times now no big. On the way back I got distracted and ended up walking about 2 miles out of my way. Then on the way back I almost got hit by a car. It was the drivers fault he was trying to turn left and go through 3 lanes of traffic into a street and didn't give himself time or see me. However it really scared me cause I couldn't of done one thing. I would of just been hit....

Other news, I had a debate with my disability peeps about the word empower. If empower is a bad word I think it is a good word if it is a giving back to your community word and bad if it is the oppressor using it on an oppressed community.

I also saw a decent disability movie... the person get "cured" in the end but there were a couple celebrating wheelchair scences which were cool. It is called Ondine and it is about a guy who finds a girl in his fishing net. The daughter of the fisherman goes from a manual to a power chair and shows her zooming around all over the place. It is an okay movie nothing huge but nothing bad either.


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