Getting ADHD kids to read

This is an interesting article by the author of Percy Jackson. I find it to be really interesting, I question the part about learning differences but I always say that when people call it that. I like the focus on finding a book the kid wants to read. I think it is important to read books that make kids want more and more of books. I don't know how I got into the Wizard of Oz books I don't know why I don't know how. My mom never read them as a kid, but I loved them. They were the books that made me want to read and read and read. I have probably read the 14 book series at least 10 times. Today I think books like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and the ugglies will continue this trend of loving to read. The big thing is hooking them in. Figuring out what they like to read, wether that is mystery or fantasy or something different. I always say what tv shows does your kid watch, what kinds or games do they play, and what kind of bed time stories are exciting to them?

The other thing is what kind of role models do you want your kids to have, I found that for me i couldn't stop reading books about Harriet Tubman and Elizabeth Blackwell. They were strong women who had disabilities and oppression to fight against. The idea that Harriet Tubman was hit by a weight and would pass out randomly including while guiding people on the underground railroad always made me feel whatever I wanted to do could be achieved. Also Elizabeth Blackwell being told time and time again she couldn't achieve her academic dreams and continueing to achieve them. Continueing to be a doctor after she was blinded by some kind of fluid from being a doctor. I wanted to be just like them I would read book after book and even and wrote paper after paper about them at school.

Books can be the thing that gets in your sole, many people are always suprised by how much I read. My mom I think this is the thing that gives her the most joy. The thing of all I have done she is most proud of.


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