Another bus/train post

I just moved to a new city, Dallas. I live with in city limits and absolutely love the transit here. I think it is always interesting cause slowly and slowly I have gone to better transit cities, maybe on the end I will end up in Chicgao or new york or something. What I find interesting is no matter where I am and no matter how much better this bus is from the last or how this one has trains. The people at the location never think it is good enough. I think again I have never gone to transit meccas but this is how most people talk. I do not ever think transit will be better then a car. You have to plan things out and be more location focused, and I think that just doesn't happen that much, people do not think in what do I need to get to and how close is it. I think when people look at their lives usually people are staying in their area of town, but the idea that occasionally the trips would be hard is something people can't get over. I think for me going to these places where transit just is and I can go anywhere makes me smile so much. I feel so much more freedom. I hope that feeling continues.


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