I love looking at disability books, I also love old disability books. There is a new and old bookstore in Dallas that I was like ooo maybe it will be like john king and I can just by their disability section hahah. Well sadly not so much. I ask the girl where is your disability section and she brings me to the how to teach LD kids with no disability studies like books. I ask her to look up No Pity cause I have not met a book store that doesn't own no pity. Well they had it but it was just all messed in with sociology. It was sooooo annoying. I don't know what I was looking for I just  wanted my disability section.

Usually if it is a small store even they have a disability section. Usually by death and dieing but still at least a disability section. BAH I think they may have seperated up disabilities which makes me angry bah Why would you seperate disability books. Bahhh so this is me being incoherent in my anger at an expectation of a shelf at least and not so much. I still like the store but it was a big disappointment. I guess amazon and john king will just have to work.


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