ADA 20th a little late....

So ADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act turned 20 on July 26th, as a good blogger it is time to write about my favorite law.  Now why is it my favorite law. I think it is my favorite cause everyday I see it working to help me achieve my goals. I think I see it helping. I also see it as this law that I have seen change the world to some extent. It isn't a law like the 19th amendment which clearly changed my possibilities for a better world or numerous other laws that clearly were good in it's own right; but happened before my parents were born or when they were in their teens.

No I was born, I started school the year ADA was passed. I was first spected to have a disability the year ADA was passed. When I entered school this was the law(not IDEA cause I went to a private school) that made it possible for me to get accomodations. In my lifetime i have seen the affect of both the disability rights movement and the ADA. The older I get the less i have to explain my disability, the less people question it, and the more I can use the line of have you heard of the ADA.

I have always remembered that I had teachers who said it wasn't possible to go to college with a disability exspecially a large school like MSU. I also remeber the shock of some professors and teachers to be the first one in their class. I think that because of this I am a sorta pioneer of sorts. You hope that ADA and with the ADA amendment it will become second nature.

It isn't a perfect law. Depending on who you talk to it does too little or too much.... maybe that means it is a good law. What always sprises and impresses me is how bipartisn it is of a law that the amendment passed almost unanimously in the enviornment we now live in is sorta amazing.  That it was signed into law by George Bush and was put up by people like Harkin and Kerry. I bet their aren't many laws that can have such names all together.

So lets sing and be happy and celebrate the ADA and also lets remember the heros who pushed for it. Let's celebrate the lives of Dart and Roberts and Mcbride-Johnson and oh so many more of those that pushed for it that no longer are on earth. Happy ADA Day, a little late, but Happy ADA day!!


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