What is my reaction to cities opting out of the bus system?

I have been lately stoped by myself or someone else who wants to go to one of the cities that has opted out of the county wide bus system. I grant it I have been pretty pleased with the bus system in the Detroit area except I hate it when the cities opt out of the system. The bus system is sorta well great except for things that are out of it's control like cities dumping snow infront of it's stops or opting out or just not actively supporting it. I find that most of the times the bus is pretty good but then I find out something happened and usually it is the cities who aren't supporting the bus. Detroit as a region keeps saying we need to have the infostructure of other cities encouraging transit but frankly you can spout that as much as you want but until action is taken stating that the basic needs are meet of a transit city or region it will never become a better system. I am also saying though that you can easily live just off buses in the city it is absolutely no problem it is just a matter of knowing what communities support transit and which ones do not.


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