I am considered by many in my disability group at MSU to be the calm one. I can calmly talk to people about disability I don't get angry. I find this interesting, I talk like an activist and have since I started to get involved with disability student groups. I however do not get angry, I don't fight like an activist. In general I am an academic... I guess it means I probably will evenetually be a proffessor cause that is how I talk. I work with groups I work with in group. I do not find anything wrong with working outside the system it is just not historically how I work or how i find myself being affective. I like to help I like to see ways to affect how people think about disability. That is why I disclose so much I feel if I am open about it maybe they will ask me the stupid questions and not ask the people who are not prepared to answer.

I also do not fit in the box people have for disbailities they see me and I suprise them. I can answer questions and I have thought over and over again about what this means to me. I also think all the time with me. Disability this word people think is so ugly is really so fluffy and smily and me and so comfortable with who I am. The acceptance of the word the acceptance of it was the acceptance of myself.


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