So how does language effect how we talk

I was going to talk about how all the new e-book readers are or aren't accessible, cause that is what all the people on my listservs are talking about. Yes, Universities that were requiring the use of the Kindle are being told they were being illegal cause kindles and Ipads and iphones are not fully accessible to LD and blind users. But, really that is all you can say it isn't all that interested when we people learn that voice software is important and oh no one who likes to read is going to think etext is as good as audio books so publishers get a hint. If I have a choice on some really cool guy reading lord of the rings versus the annoying etext version I am totally going with the guy who sings but the etext could give access to people. When etext doesn't sound like a robot who can not pernounce everything right maybe they will have problems, will that happen soon? Who knows?

Okay so this leads me to the big question. People have been telling me that disability is saying you can't do something that you are unabled. That the word in itself is flawed. I have been thinking about it a lot lately, if you read the more recent post with Aimee Mullens you might be remembering such a discusion. I have been trying to come up with a reason that it is not flawed. I have always really liked the term but why, all these nondisabiled people keep telling me I shouldn't like it. May I say most disabled people i know do like disablity better.

I guess for me maybe it is the fact that disability for me is just that I can't do some things in my life. I can't do some things in the way "normal" people do them. I have never met someone with a disability who won't admit there are some things they can't do. It doesnt mean that every aspect of them can't it just means there is something they know they can't do. I guess that is bad right. I can't spell certain things, I can't look at neon pink paper with words on it...... there is a list of things I can not do. I don't want to sugar coat it I don't want to make it sound more appealing wrap it up in something else I can still not do those things. Now what it doesn't mean that those things stop me. I find that when I can say this is what I know, that is really the only way I can figure out adaption. I don't mean I can't read, that isn't the focus it is what causes me not to be able to read well. I can't pronounce things oh okay but i can read in all other ways, okay so I know how I can copensate I will look at a word and not care what it sounds like I will make it up and know the meaning and if I have to speak in front of people I will spell words the way I like them so I can pronounce them correctly. Okay so I can do the two things you need to be able to do check.

Ability is the ability to do things. I keep wondering why not being able to walk means you can't participate in a race or why being blind has anything to do with your ability to do a triatiolon. I guess that is the thing disability means I can not do somethings can't everyone not do somethings big freaking deal. Why should it mean i can't do everything like being abled bodied does that mean you can do everything.... I don't think so. So now if I capitalize the A that message gets across better, or I say I am different does that make you see what I can do or does it just make me look like I am saying i am really unique. The thing is why change the word why just get it through people's mind that just cause you can't spell well means you still can be ridiculously smart. Why just reframe the definition. Why is there a constant need for reclassification.


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