Is this funny?

 I have been asked two times in the last week if I think this is funny . I have to say both times I saw it I was pretty confused by it since I kept looking at it and thinking am I really this dyslexic that I can not find a spelling mistake on it. I kept looking and getting more frustrated then had to ask someone what the joke was. I guess supposably there is an old joke about dyslexics saying dyslexics of the world untie. A joke i have never heard by the way. So the idea is they couldn't get the joke right. My thought is if a dyslexic was purposely trying to spell something correctly opposed to just spelling for truth I think they would be very cognisnt of making it correct. like this blog I purposely do not spell check. I just go with it but I also do this as a way to show how far I have come from before. 

I guess I dont know if I think it is offessive. I tend to find it a little funny and a little offesive at the same time but it also seems pretty harmless as things go. What do you think?? 


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