Dyslexic fears

Have you ever been scared to death and don't know why? The three things that always scare me to death even though I have done them a billion times are trying to find a location for the first time, calling someone on the phone, and telling someone with power over me I have a disability. It really does scare me, it is funny there are tons of other stuff that other people are scared of that for me is just common hat. Also I have been told a billion times that people hate group projects and deligating. I have never had a problem with it because I have learned a long time ago to succeed with this disability I have to trust people a lot more. I think then most people can. I also think it is cause well if something goes wrong most of the time it isn't the end of the world.

Okay so fear number one, when you can't tell your left from right and you invert things all the time. Finding things is very scary. My first day of class in grad school(this has happened before but this is my fave story) I got lost in this building that has a west and east and north to it. I also inverted the numbers to the room number was in the room I thought i found for 15 mins before realizing I was in the wrong room, I didn't know anyone in my class so I didn' t know what to do. I finally went to some office and asked to borrrow a computer from someone to check the classroom number 45 mins late to first class is not good. I have learned tecquniques google maps is my friend, so are buiding maps, and walking or going places previous to going. 

Fear number two, phones yes phones best accomodation in my life was a cell phone. Cause you could see the numbers you were calling. I tried to call my friend melinda 30 times before getting a cell phone and never got her number right. I still have a big fear of them but I have gotten a lot of practice and it is something I have to say is slowly going away.

Okay number three telling people with power I have a disability. Specifically proffessors, okay so it adds 2 things I hate, all disability people encourage you to disclose in office hours. May I say that a lot of proffessors even if they are suposed to have office hours do not. Then  you have to decide do you do the call and meet or do you meet before or after class.


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