So I have been saying accessible instead of handicaped for the last, I don't know 7 years I guess. I like it, and I dislike the word handicapped, which is rummored to derive from begging or in other words hand in cap. Anyways I have been told that focusing on accessibility for all is a better way to look at accomodations. So I have trained my Dad also to say accessible and not handicapped sometimes I think he is more insistant upon using it then I am. I have now watched him ask for accessible seating and bathrooms for my Grandpa and see these blank looks from the people he asks them for. He is pretty insistant on keeping the word too. He won't use handicapped and will rather change to discribing the fact that my grandpa uses a cane. It makes me smile as the people then have this eye roll and say "OH YOU MEAN HANDICAPPED!" My Dad kinda frowns and say yeah.... accessible. It makes me smile a lot.

I always wonder if he asked for the ADA accessible bathroom if they would know. I also find it wierd that people don't know the word is accessible really used for any other reason? When I hear accessible I automatically think disability and I have had it accociated for so long I hardly ever know what it meant before then.


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