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Is this funny?

I have been asked two times in the last week if I think this is funny . I have to say both times I saw it I was pretty confused by it since I kept looking at it and thinking am I really this dyslexic that I can not find a spelling mistake on it. I kept looking and getting more frustrated then had to ask someone what the joke was. I guess supposably there is an old joke about dyslexics saying dyslexics of the world untie. A joke i have never heard by the way. So the idea is they couldn't get the joke right. My thought is if a dyslexic was purposely trying to spell something correctly opposed to just spelling for truth I think they would be very cognisnt of making it correct. like this blog I purposely do not spell check. I just go with it but I also do this as a way to show how far I have come from before. 
I guess I dont know if I think it is offessive. I tend to find it a little funny and a little offesive at the same time but it also seems pretty harmless as thin…


So I have been saying accessible instead of handicaped for the last, I don't know 7 years I guess. I like it, and I dislike the word handicapped, which is rummored to derive from begging or in other words hand in cap. Anyways I have been told that focusing on accessibility for all is a better way to look at accomodations. So I have trained my Dad also to say accessible and not handicapped sometimes I think he is more insistant upon using it then I am. I have now watched him ask for accessible seating and bathrooms for my Grandpa and see these blank looks from the people he asks them for. He is pretty insistant on keeping the word too. He won't use handicapped and will rather change to discribing the fact that my grandpa uses a cane. It makes me smile as the people then have this eye roll and say "OH YOU MEAN HANDICAPPED!" My Dad kinda frowns and say yeah.... accessible. It makes me smile a lot.

I always wonder if he asked for the ADA accessible bathroom if they would…

Dyslexic fears

Have you ever been scared to death and don't know why? The three things that always scare me to death even though I have done them a billion times are trying to find a location for the first time, calling someone on the phone, and telling someone with power over me I have a disability. It really does scare me, it is funny there are tons of other stuff that other people are scared of that for me is just common hat. Also I have been told a billion times that people hate group projects and deligating. I have never had a problem with it because I have learned a long time ago to succeed with this disability I have to trust people a lot more. I think then most people can. I also think it is cause well if something goes wrong most of the time it isn't the end of the world.

Okay so fear number one, when you can't tell your left from right and you invert things all the time. Finding things is very scary. My first day of class in grad school(this has happened before but this is my fa…

So how does language effect how we talk

I was going to talk about how all the new e-book readers are or aren't accessible, cause that is what all the people on my listservs are talking about. Yes, Universities that were requiring the use of the Kindle are being told they were being illegal cause kindles and Ipads and iphones are not fully accessible to LD and blind users. But, really that is all you can say it isn't all that interested when we people learn that voice software is important and oh no one who likes to read is going to think etext is as good as audio books so publishers get a hint. If I have a choice on some really cool guy reading lord of the rings versus the annoying etext version I am totally going with the guy who sings but the etext could give access to people. When etext doesn't sound like a robot who can not pernounce everything right maybe they will have problems, will that happen soon? Who knows?

Okay so this leads me to the big question. People have been telling me that disability is sayin…