Aimee Mullins 2

So awhile ago I put up a video about Aimee Mullins and so I found a new video. I really like her stuff she is really talking about disability in fun and new ways. I am not sure if I agree with her 100% but I do a lot.

So now that I am assuming you have watched the video. I do love how she goes over what is expected of people with disabilities and talks about hoping the definition had been changed. I also love that in the definition abled-bodied is the opposite. I always wonder what that says too. I also love the part about the doctor who bribes her into over working. What I find cool about this video is the focus on taking the disability with you to work with your disability not against it. I love the idea that the disability and the talking about the facts is helpful but not puting limits on capacity is great. What confuses me is she goes on this conversation about redefining disability but she focuses on changing disability to limiting the definition to a lack of spirit. What I am still left with is this feeling of why can't I change this word this disability to something completly different. What I find is this continual changing and changing again trying to come with the most perfect word.

I am tired of coming up with words. I just want to be me I have a disability I work with it is a part of me. Now do I want disability to mean somekinda lack hell no. I would rather it mean some kinda fluffy word that makes me happy or really something that just is. I find the more comfortable with disbailities the more I find death more of just a life process it is a wierd thought.


  1. KUDOS to you for your accomplishments. It's a shame, though, that you're not in "Academic Affairs" where you can make a real difference in the classroom for students with learning disabilities.

    As a professional who has worked with students like yourself for 37 years, I am passionate about college success for students with LD/ADD.

  2. Do you mean being a proffessor or some other position? In my grad work I worked in a disability services center, a women's center, and taught classes. My goal is to work in Disability Services, Residence Life, or a Women's Center at a college campus for 3-5 years then get my PHD in higher education. Then become an assistant director or director of one of those offices or become a proffessor who studies disability idenity development and the history of disability in higher education. I am currently working as a tutor for people with LD,TBI, ADHD, and CP k-college and trying to get a job on a college campus.


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