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So I gave a disability presentation for one of my nondisability interviews. If you have been on any college interviews you know they are really long like 8am-5pm and they usually make you do a presentation or some kinda interactive thing. They said to do something you were most passionate about so that has got to be it right I don't know what that says about me. I really enjoied doing the presentations I love presentations. I never know if it is good to do disability presentations to become the disability girl. I guess it is always that question, there are sometimes I say a disability thing and I know instantly that I shouldn't of disclosed and then sometimes I know instantly it was a good idea it is a wierd thing I guess it is who I am right.

Aimee Mullins 2

So awhile ago I put up a video about Aimee Mullins and so I found a new video. I really like her stuff she is really talking about disability in fun and new ways. I am not sure if I agree with her 100% but I do a lot.

So now that I am assuming you have watched the video. I do love how she goes over what is expected of people with disabilities and talks about hoping the definition had been changed. I also love that in the definition abled-bodied is the opposite. I always wonder what that says too. I also love the part about the doctor who bribes her into over working. What I find cool about this video is the focus on taking the disability with you to work with your disability not against it. I love the idea that the disability and the talking about the facts is helpful but not puting limits on capacity is great. What confuses me is she goes on this conversation about redefining disability but she focuses on changing disability to limiting the definition to a lack of spirit. What I am s…

How is your wonderful daughter

I always have this ability to win over teachers. It is something I always find very odd. I think because most times even though I win them over to allow for accomodations it is always for me this sense of they hated me. I never know if it is easier if the teacher is always mean. I think it is harder to see the hate for a teacher who was soo mean but who changes and become better. I know this is a better scenerio, but it makes you feel like if even good teachers don't get it well what is it about you that makes them first hate.

I have this talent, I think it is a coping mechanism to make teachers see that I need the help. The more people push me down the more I want to prove that I am a good kid and I need the help. That I am not lying I am not faking this is who I am. This is who I am meant to be. This is how it all works, and I always wonder how the people who kept fighting them who made them made who gave up. How man of these teachers just would of kept making thier lives hell. …

MSU Community 3

So I have been refinding my MSU disability community after I left. For a long time I was the leader and I never felt after freshman year that I had a disability community. What I felt most was that I was working so hard and that I was some how this leader that got it and no one else did. I sometimes wonder if this was healthy or that you just eventually get to this point where you have become this leader and couldn't be challenged. The people who started to challenge me more and more were the  adults on the adaptive sports comittee I was on. The wierd thing about this comittee was even though there was this sense of the comunity I searched for it also was very flawed. Even thought I kept searching for this greater find. It worked really well. Like I found this connection with them even though it was this different kind of connection. I learned so much about the effects sports had on people exspecially people who hadn't been able to have it. The wierd thing about disability com…