Hey check this out it is pretty cool, I love the way the guy did an online video to get people to help him learn how to play zelda. I really liked the way they focused this on the way he could play the game. I also like the way that the gamer guys are all excited by how much they love zelda. I also think it is a pretty cool idea and wonder if this could be done for more games and if the gaming companies do this kinda thing anyway and it is something they could create into a text file.

I think that it shows the great way that independence and doing something on your own in the disability community, sometimes comes with a lot of help from other people however it is still independence. I also think it was a little wierd that they seemed to focus more on the kid that helped other then the person with the disability. However I think by doing that it focuses more on the creation of the adaption and less on the creation of a super crip.


  1. As someone who has played Zelda many times through, it's great to see other gamers willing to help OTHER gamers find the same enjoyment with it!


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