Teachers and Administrators: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 5

So I am in a happy mood. My second grade teacher was the first one who other then my parents told me I was smart. She was this rock. It continued the entire time I was at the school if i was angrey or upset I would go to see her.  I wasn't a good student at that time, I was quiet horrible in fact. As my third grade teacher I always wanted to get even and prove wrong my second grade teacher I always wanted to make proud. When I graduated from high school the only person I wanted to let know was her. She told me to tell her when I graduated College but I didn't I was like oh I will tell her after masters and that has turned to when I get a real job. Something she can be proud of, silly I guess. I don't remember much about her anymore... it has been so long all i remember is feeling I can.  I also remember she used to yell so loud you could hear it outside her classroom. I was sooo scared to be in her class but it was one of the best things ever. Also she used to hug her students. I love hugs. :)


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