Religion and Disability

So I am sitting in church listening to my most meh sermon, which is the blind guy returns his sight. I find it interesting that untill this day I have walked down the street with friends and people have tried to heal my friends in wheelchairs or who is blind. Arguing if you just had faith you would be healed. I always find myself sorta wincing when I hear this gospel but today I was thinking well really this could totally be a prodisability thing.

First you got a guy who is begging and being told he is a sin of his families creation. No one wants to talk to him.... ah the old days of disability. Then you have Jesus and he looks and sees the guy who is blind and heals him. I find it interesting that untill this time and even after because his disability he isn't seen as human. The pharisees listen to him talking and don't belive him that clearly since he was a sign of sin he could never really have a good thing happen. They also don't belive him so they ask his parents, how many times in the disability world has someone not belived you and wanted to ask a wiser person. So the parents in my opion are going meh he is adult ask him, which is what all parents should do. Now grant it they say it is because they don't want to deal with it but talk about independence why are you treating my kid like a child he is an adult talk to him. So this guy is talking to the other pharisees and saying I don't know what he is but he healed me, they dont like this so they send him away. Jesus in the story seems to say you see things others don't welcome to the team. It seems that Jesus along with sight gave independence. So in someways you still see these roots of disability in this wierd way.

So that was what I was thinking during mass tonight.... I still wince but whatever it was an interesting thing to think about.


  1. I don't know... it seems to me you're really digging to find a positive. I could never get over the fact that the blindness is a punishment for sin and the notion that it has to be healed. And what's worse is that the stigma of disability is so strong that even someone who no longer has a disability is still outcast for having had one. But oh, Jesus made his point that he's a God. Kind of pretentious on Jesus's part, I think.


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