So this have come up time and time again that sttudents do not plan enough to get their exam accomodations. I know students in college are in controll of their accomodation process. I fully belive that students should try to realize that accomodations are something that has to be planed for but I keep falling back upon the idea that no other population has to plan not to be discriminated against. Disability is in essence all about plaining. I always think it is funny that this group in a lot of cases has documatation saying they are horrible planners.

Life in disability is planning for a ride, a test, planning extra time for a paper, and trying to figure out what buildings are both accessible to go into and to use thier bathroom. This is probably the greatest burden on people with disabilities, not that they have a disability but by how long to acomodate for the disability takes. I will admit that while I am stating this there are also other things to consider is this really the problem before this we had to plan more or we didn't even get to plan. I always strugle with this because I know space wise and people wise we need to plan but I always want a better way.


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