Never thought i would find a series I would like more then Harry Potter

So I mentioned I would write a review of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Paperback Boxed Set (Books 1-3) as soon as I read the books. Well I have read now 3 of the 5 I have not devored books like this so quickly in a series in so long. I almost want to say they were better then Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7), yes I know that can't be true. Oh my are they amazing I just read 3 books in what comes to about 2 days, other then showing I don't have that much to do and go completly in book coma for 2 days I am obsessed. I am in love, they have dyslexic and ADHD jokes and examples through out. It is also my favorite genera. I love fantasies, I love disabilities, and I love disability Hummor.

I also find myself laughing outload a lot. I really think that the character development is great, I love that it has both girl and guy heroes in it. I love that I am completly immersed in it. I find myself wanting to finish the series ASAP but also being really disappointed that I am going to finish it in probably less then a week. I have never had a book that so got into my head like that, I feel like a little kid I am soooo geeked.


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