Just saw a cool LD movie(Percy Jackson and the Olympians) SPOILERS a little no ending spoilers.

So I just watched The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1) movie oh my was it amazing. I felt like it was everything I could want in a movie, I have not read the book yet. I am going to totally buy it though, cause a) it is an LD book I like my disability book collection to grow and b) if I liked the book half as much as I liked the movie I am going to want to read it over.

So I went to the movie not sure what to expect, I definatly was not expecting a disability movie exspecially an LD and ADHD movie. I am in love, I am sooo geeked. So this kid Percy is the son of Posiden and growing up he was diagnosed with LD and ADHD and his best friend uses crutches.  He finds out the reasons he has dyslexia and ADHD is because they are part of his abilities he is hardwired to read ancient greek so he has hard times reading other languages and also ancient greek is supposably right to left. He is constantly observing everything and can't keep on track becuase it helps him see everything and the bigger picture in battle(I love it). His friend has crutches so he can walk more human like because he is actually half goat and half human. He uses the crutches to fight and centures use wheelchairs to hide their horse like body.

I loved it, I am the person who can't get enough of things about disabilities and fantasy so the two together is like the most exciting thing to me. I am excited to read the books and when I finish the first one I will tell you what it is like.

I hear that the author wrote the books for his son who was diagnosed with LD and ADHD I think this is very cool. It gives and entirely new conotation to the idea of super crip. :)


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