It's all in the details!!

So I am told time and time again that LD kids get lost in details. Everyone thinks this is funny for me to say because I am a history major for undergrad. Sometimes I laugh about that yeah, those are the people who didn't take history in college. Everyone assumes that history is dates and facts. Yeah it is sorta that but in college it is more about the story, the cause and effect in college every class had one date you had to know. If you were in Irish history class you needed to that 1916 was the year of revolution or an Indian history class that 1947 was the year of partition. You start to learn that the only thing that maters if you are given a list of things you can put which one happened next or before not so much that date. Or i have heard at least know the decade, time and time again and with some of it at least know the century, which always makes me laugh when people say history is all about dates. History is about story telling, I rember things cause i know th story. I love stories tell me a story make a story it sticks. Tell me a man a that he was born when won't remember, tell me that Harriett Tubman was hit by a 2 pound weight at 13 and because of that it caused her to have seizures all her life and that the guy that hit her was trying to hit a run away slave and not her that she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. I remember all of it I do have to admit though I tend to exagerate the size of the weight.

I hate books with tons of details, I find it useless cause I never read/see all a paragraph cause I read to get the general idea. I am a great summerizer and the funny thing is the older you get the more people want summaries and not details. The other funny thing is in some ways I am very detailed organized if you ask me a question. I give you an answer to that one of the things that was hardest when I was little for me to get was that if someone asks you what is your favorite food and write a paper on it. I could write more then my favorite food is shrimp or the other thing was for me to not write my favorite food is right away. The other thing that I still do today is I am very Amelia Bedelia Collection (I Can Read Book 2) I follow the rules see rules where there isn't and if my mom says cover something I might think she wants it covered in water or cover the lid. I do things just a little off a lot. I laugh at myself a lot. I think it is the only way to live.


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