Do you remember the first time someone looked at you and said Finding Nemo has no disability in it?

I have found that kids movies have slowly moved from hunchback of notre dame. Can we say tiny tim and super crip all molded into one big mushy oh there is nothing wrong with that disability steryotype to How to Train Your Dragon Book 1 the movie. Amputees like wow and all sorts, dragons, large vikings, and teenagers. I find this very interesting cause what I have found at least with things like Cosby show and Finding Nemo is that when disability is inserted into the media the general population when asked what is your favorite disability movie or tv character still can't mention one. It has always been something that has annoyed me.

I can rattle off many movies and tv shows with disabilities. I can just name and keep going like it is nothing. However I find time and time again "normal" people can't name one. In fact a class I taught about gender and disability said time and time again I love X movie and never realized there was someone with a disability in it. I am left time and time again with a question is disability being seen as being invisible a good thing it keeps leaving me with this feeling if it is really accepted then when it is important but a sublte part of the story why isn't it being picked up on? When I watched Finding Nemo a movie I now have done probably 5 papers on the first thing that sticks out to me is wow was that a disability movie. I also find it interesting that when you say oh wow that was a disability movie time and time again I am told oh he didn't have a disability he had a little fin or he didn't act disabled. So we are finding a continuation of steryotyping even in the movies and tv shows that are trying to attack the disability steryotypes. I find myself yelling a little YES HE DOES ACT DISABILED CAUSE HE HAS A DISABILITY IT IS A PART OF WHO HE IS. WHY IS AKNOWLEDGING THAT SO BAD?

I also have just seen 2 count them 2 movies in the last month that had a very large disability portion in them. They were both kids movies and my mom one of her big searches was good disability oriented movies to make me feel included. Both my mom and myself love movies and my mom even reads all the reviews me too but less then her. We both saw nothing talking about disability in either of these movies. This would of made us want to go see the movie more not less.  I am still happy though that they are starting to have positive potrayls of people with disabilities more often.


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