Community the MSU story continued: MSU 2

So after being involved with the group for awhile, I got really involved in student government pushing for positive things to happen on campus. Such as noticeing new signs and automatic doors on campus and apology notes from different people on campus. It was this exciting time for me, the only problem was that I was still feeling well I only have LD that isn't a big disability so I always kinda felt a little issolated.  There was another girl who didn't have a disability at all and she felt a little issolated too but slowly more connected to the group.

Both of the leaders at the time were really good about trying to make the MSU community feel  like the disability community was the easiest community to feel  connected to cause everyone has so different disabilities that everyones idenity is different in the community. They were very colaberative I loved it. I think it is where I truely learned my sense of colaberation.

One day me and one of the leaders were rolling back talking about something and some how it came up that she said of all the disabilities she thought it would be harder to be LD. She is in a wheelchair and she thought it was harder to be LD. It really gave me a lot of perspective on disability really it is all about you are comfromtable with your own disability and you get that. You don't get other peoples disabilities. So me being silly and feeling like I wasn't disabiled enough was so silly because you don't ever really know what enough is.

I can't tell you what it did for me it made me look at the community as a whole and stop looking at LD as something so seperated. The fear of disability is based on two things I don't want to get X or that person is lieing and this is somehow "special" treatment.

My first year in this group it sorta felt like heaven, it is sorta silly but i got to soke everything up feel for the first time I was really into this group. The other cool thing was that all my other idenities were also understood in this group in a way that no other has truely understood them. I find myself dreaming of 441 the room we had our meetings as this special place where I truely belonged.


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