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Do you remember the first time someone looked at you and said Finding Nemo has no disability in it?

I have found that kids movies have slowly moved from hunchback of notre dame. Can we say tiny tim and super crip all molded into one big mushy oh there is nothing wrong with that disability steryotype to How to Train Your Dragon Book 1 the movie. Amputees like wow and all sorts, dragons, large vikings, and teenagers. I find this very interesting cause what I have found at least with things like Cosby show and Finding Nemo is that when disability is inserted into the media the general population when asked what is your favorite disability movie or tv character still can't mention one. It has always been something that has annoyed me.

I can rattle off many movies and tv shows with disabilities. I can just name and keep going like it is nothing. However I find time and time again "normal" people can't name one. In fact a class I taught about gender and disability said time and time again I love X movie and never realized there was someone with a disability in it. I am l…


So this have come up time and time again that sttudents do not plan enough to get their exam accomodations. I know students in college are in controll of their accomodation process. I fully belive that students should try to realize that accomodations are something that has to be planed for but I keep falling back upon the idea that no other population has to plan not to be discriminated against. Disability is in essence all about plaining. I always think it is funny that this group in a lot of cases has documatation saying they are horrible planners.

Life in disability is planning for a ride, a test, planning extra time for a paper, and trying to figure out what buildings are both accessible to go into and to use thier bathroom. This is probably the greatest burden on people with disabilities, not that they have a disability but by how long to acomodate for the disability takes. I will admit that while I am stating this there are also other things to consider is this really the probl…

It's all in the details!!

So I am told time and time again that LD kids get lost in details. Everyone thinks this is funny for me to say because I am a history major for undergrad. Sometimes I laugh about that yeah, those are the people who didn't take history in college. Everyone assumes that history is dates and facts. Yeah it is sorta that but in college it is more about the story, the cause and effect in college every class had one date you had to know. If you were in Irish history class you needed to that 1916 was the year of revolution or an Indian history class that 1947 was the year of partition. You start to learn that the only thing that maters if you are given a list of things you can put which one happened next or before not so much that date. Or i have heard at least know the decade, time and time again and with some of it at least know the century, which always makes me laugh when people say history is all about dates. History is about story telling, I rember things cause i know th story. I l…

Teachers and Administrators: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 5

So I am in a happy mood. My second grade teacher was the first one who other then my parents told me I was smart. She was this rock. It continued the entire time I was at the school if i was angrey or upset I would go to see her.  I wasn't a good student at that time, I was quiet horrible in fact. As my third grade teacher I always wanted to get even and prove wrong my second grade teacher I always wanted to make proud. When I graduated from high school the only person I wanted to let know was her. She told me to tell her when I graduated College but I didn't I was like oh I will tell her after masters and that has turned to when I get a real job. Something she can be proud of, silly I guess. I don't remember much about her anymore... it has been so long all i remember is feeling I can.  I also remember she used to yell so loud you could hear it outside her classroom. I was sooo scared to be in her class but it was one of the best things ever. Also she used to hug her stud…


I have been thinking that math word problems are sorta kryptonite to LD peeps. First you have words that have to be in a very specific sequence you can't just get a general idea of what is going on, which is how I read. I read in paragraphs so when you are only given a paragraph it becomes very hard. Also word problems are trying to teach you to read word for word and try to trick you. When it is trying to trick normal kids it definatlly tricks me.

I find it interesting seeing this happen with kids I work with. I am trying to do all those tell tale things underline the not in the word problem. What is this problem really asking you. How do you solve this problem. What are the numbers you really need to worry about?

Also going into Kryptonite, my other kryptonite is really bright pieces of paper. I am always amazed how many people in student affairs use them. It is funny cause untill college it was never a big issue cause no one used that type of paper. I guess it makes things look…

inadvertanly outed someone to herself

So I am working with a kid who was getting medicine for ADHD so I thought she would know. She didn't so I told her she did. I don't know if this is good or bad. I am very confused by this.... I brought it up because as she is telling me letters move on a page I think oh we should start reading percy jackson I bet she would like it. So I start talking about it and go oh he has ADHD and dyslexia like we do. She goes like what.... I realize I put my foot in my mouth but with a little kid do you say it. I don't feel it is my decision to say. However my mom read me my documentation when I was 6..... so I guess I don't really think of it as being bad. It was a bad tutoring day. She was having a bad disability day and I was having a I am really tired day. Not a good combination, I hope saturday is better.

Never thought i would find a series I would like more then Harry Potter

So I mentioned I would write a review of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Paperback Boxed Set (Books 1-3) as soon as I read the books. Well I have read now 3 of the 5 I have not devored books like this so quickly in a series in so long. I almost want to say they were better then Harry Potter Paperback Box Set (Books 1-7), yes I know that can't be true. Oh my are they amazing I just read 3 books in what comes to about 2 days, other then showing I don't have that much to do and go completly in book coma for 2 days I am obsessed. I am in love, they have dyslexic and ADHD jokes and examples through out. It is also my favorite genera. I love fantasies, I love disabilities, and I love disability Hummor.

I also find myself laughing outload a lot. I really think that the character development is great, I love that it has both girl and guy heroes in it. I love that I am completly immersed in it. I find myself wanting to finish the series ASAP but also being really disappointed that I am…

Religion and Disability

So I am sitting in church listening to my most meh sermon, which is the blind guy returns his sight. I find it interesting that untill this day I have walked down the street with friends and people have tried to heal my friends in wheelchairs or who is blind. Arguing if you just had faith you would be healed. I always find myself sorta wincing when I hear this gospel but today I was thinking well really this could totally be a prodisability thing.

First you got a guy who is begging and being told he is a sin of his families creation. No one wants to talk to him.... ah the old days of disability. Then you have Jesus and he looks and sees the guy who is blind and heals him. I find it interesting that untill this time and even after because his disability he isn't seen as human. The pharisees listen to him talking and don't belive him that clearly since he was a sign of sin he could never really have a good thing happen. They also don't belive him so they ask his parents, how…

Just saw a cool LD movie(Percy Jackson and the Olympians) SPOILERS a little no ending spoilers.

So I just watched The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1) movie oh my was it amazing. I felt like it was everything I could want in a movie, I have not read the book yet. I am going to totally buy it though, cause a) it is an LD book I like my disability book collection to grow and b) if I liked the book half as much as I liked the movie I am going to want to read it over.

So I went to the movie not sure what to expect, I definatly was not expecting a disability movie exspecially an LD and ADHD movie. I am in love, I am sooo geeked. So this kid Percy is the son of Posiden and growing up he was diagnosed with LD and ADHD and his best friend uses crutches.  He finds out the reasons he has dyslexia and ADHD is because they are part of his abilities he is hardwired to read ancient greek so he has hard times reading other languages and also ancient greek is supposably right to left. He is constantly observing everything and can't keep on track becuase it helps him…


Hey check this out it is pretty cool, I love the way the guy did an online video to get people to help him learn how to play zelda. I really liked the way they focused this on the way he could play the game. I also like the way that the gamer guys are all excited by how much they love zelda. I also think it is a pretty cool idea and wonder if this could be done for more games and if the gaming companies do this kinda thing anyway and it is something they could create into a text file.

I think that it shows the great way that independence and doing something on your own in the disability community, sometimes comes with a lot of help from other people however it is still independence. I also think it was a little wierd that they seemed to focus more on the kid that helped other then the person with the disability. However I think by doing that it focuses more on the creation of the adaption and less on the creation of a super crip.

ASL in Fantasy

I just finished reading the The Sword of Shannara which is an okay book. It is very lord of the ringsy so not as origional as I would of hoped. However what did excite me about the book is the use of sign language in it. One of the trolls in the book loses his ability to speak and teaches himself sign language to communicate. It is a way that this troll is able to defeat part of the villian in the book. It was this random insert that made me go hummm maybe this isn't as much of a typical book as I thought. It also made me sorta want to read the other books to see if he incorpurates more disability stuff.  Anyways just a little ooo yay disability used in a good light or at least adaption used that way.

Community the MSU story continued: MSU 2

So after being involved with the group for awhile, I got really involved in student government pushing for positive things to happen on campus. Such as noticeing new signs and automatic doors on campus and apology notes from different people on campus. It was this exciting time for me, the only problem was that I was still feeling well I only have LD that isn't a big disability so I always kinda felt a little issolated.  There was another girl who didn't have a disability at all and she felt a little issolated too but slowly more connected to the group.

Both of the leaders at the time were really good about trying to make the MSU community feel  like the disability community was the easiest community to feel  connected to cause everyone has so different disabilities that everyones idenity is different in the community. They were very colaberative I loved it. I think it is where I truely learned my sense of colaberation.

One day me and one of the leaders were rolling back talki…