The olympics/paralympics

So to me I find it so wierd that everyone is so amazed that their was a tourchbarer who was in the paralympics. China had many more paralympians in their cerimony, it is not unuasual well maybe since atlanta not as unusual. Grant it I am happy more awarness for the paralympics is great. As a very pro adaptive sports person I am greatly happy. However, it was one person out of the whole cerimony, one person when the paralympics happen in the same venues in the same place. Also did I mention that the U.S. is one of few countries that does not publize or show the paralympics at all. They are this year showing it online. This was sited as one of the reasons that the U.S. did not get selected as the host site for the New York olympics.

I think we should applaud small steps, but really I want to see sledge hockey on normal tv. I want to have access to watch adaptive sports on tv. The olympics have always facsnated and it has always been something that I think celebrates adaption and pushing the human body farther then ever expected. I think that is clearly shown in the paralympics. I think that these athletes deserve equal play time at least for the olympics. The paralympics started in 1948 and has been combined with the olympics since 1988 isn't 22 years long enough to not be incorporated fully or do you want to go with the 72 years number. I am fine with either. I know maybe I sure be encouraged by small steps but really people, isn't there so much ground still to travel.


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