It's a bad dyselxic day

So I can never remember any numbers and it looks like I inverted numbers again in a bank issue I am having and I just moved to a place where my bank is not. So I either have to drive out of state or find some other way to resolve it. I am so pissed first at myself, cause I can't belive I did this and I should of taken care of this before I moved but I kept telling myself well maybe I will just wait till I move again, but being that I invert everything wrong I am not suprised I did.  I feel so stupid, I can be all happy go lucky disability girl most the time but sometimes you just have a bad disability day.

Now I am sure it sounds like i stole my own idenity or something stupid to my bank. I don't mean to. I didn't mean to invert, I didn't mean to not switch my adress yet, I just want to get this resolved. Everything that could of gone wrong has gone wrong.


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