I love to talk about disability postively I love it. I love disability culture and pride and ability and adaption. I love everything about it. I see it in shades of light and contrast. I love the beauty of adaption. I know it is wierd but it is me it is who I am. I am constantly reminded of the pity orientaion of most people who work with people with disability. I keep getting scared that I will catch this view point. I look at oppression all the time I work on the ebs and flows of oppression of people with disabilities when to stand up to it when not to. I look at a fight of access as something truely intigrated in life.

I think that because eventually everyone will probably gain a disability and usually it is something that happens later in life it is something most people feel they know. I keep going to this place of complete support for people with disability and I don't know how else to talk about it. I think of this room this place where I feel so accepted by people with disabilities and i think of my friends of my activists and I think of my self in this moderate term because I don't tend to be the one to go to the protests I am the one who sits back and tries to constantly work with in the system.


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