I love the bus :)

So I have been told my entire life there is no public transit in Detroit. So I never used it.  I went away to college and used it a little but walked almost everywhere cause it was easier.  When I went away to grad school I used it almost exclusively, I always thought people would walk a lot in Iowa.... farmers and all.... nope not so much they all took the bus.  So I used it more and liked it. Now I am back home and find myself using it to ger places I never thought I could get to with out driving. I am loving it, grant it I have to plan but you know being disabled don't you always have to plan :).

I have gone North, South, East and West all with ease i have found myself going at least 15 miles on the bus and I think even more. What does amaze me is how since it is more to get to points going 3 miles can sometimes take as long if not longer then going 10 but when you use the bus you think more in grids. I am not saying that if I figured I could drive that I wouldn't public transit isn't that good. However it is decent, as everyone keeps telling me I am being sooo sustainable... added bonus. I have tried 3 new buses this week and I feel really independent. What I have learned about all buses is that it is all about where you live, if you use the bus live in a busable area. I do, I am sure there are places in this area that are not busable but mine is very good. I am not saying there isn't problems good lord there are tons. Like really some of the cities can't plow the bus stops. I wish there was more support for busing I really do. I wish people realized people do use the bus. I do like it, I find myself being more and more excited about this area again. I love loooking around and hearing poeple talk to each other. I love people watching on the bus. I used to be scared by the larger bus systems most of the ones I had used were small. After using the Detroit ones I think I could use almost any system and figure it out.


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