The Helper

When I was little and feeling horrible, there was a tutor who taught me how to fly. So now I am a tutor working with kids who you can tell are defeated. I am really struggling with this. Can I be that tutor, her I am the dyslexic, the LD kid, and the ADHD girl. How can you teach something that you can not 100% do. I guess that is something all teachers struggle with no one is 100% knowledgable.

I hope it works, it seems to be. I do like saying to a kid you know that was how my report card looked when I was your age it gives an entirely new perspective. I am enjoying this tutoring thing. I just kinda wonder what will happen when I find that new SA job. In the economy I guess I can't really worry about that new job I am working so hard to get, I must focus on the now. I am really like tutoring. I feel for the kids I tutor, I can really relate with them. I see their pain and I keep going I have been there.

I try a buncha different things that helped me. I find myself concously trying to figure out was to distract and focus her. I find myself having all these wierd stradegies and my students looking at me like I am crazy and then finding that they work. I feel this sense of comradory and a sense that I don't know if this experience of discovering how people learn will ever be easy on people.


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