Finding yourself looking at a youngerself

I am tutoring someone with manny of my problems. I am trying really hard to figure out ways to get her into her school work. I hear her pain. I hear that loss, that loss of everyone else can do this and I can't. She is a great girl. I love working with her, but she challenges me. I am trying hard to come up with things that let her wiggle her way through stuff.

 I find myself trying to be as patient as someone was with me. Trying to teach lessons but also teach self confidence. I am trying to make learning fun, but also make learning needed. I love to read, and to try to remember a time where I couldn't is hard. I have a feeling that was true at one point but I don't remember it.  Going to school, writing, spelling... all of those things my hatered for are very vivid, in fact those are things I don't do with her because I have a lot of trouble with still how can I teach those. Math and reading I can and other stuff. Social Studies the thing I love, I love story telling. I love it when I see her eyes light up ah ha I get it.


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