Disability debates 1

So I keep having disbaility discusions on facebook with my friends and getting all my disabilty bloging out of me hahah. So i thought why not put it here. This is response to what do you say when someone says all of us have disabilities.

I think there is a legal definition for disability, and I think that what it goes into is more the affect a disability has on your life and the preception that other people have that you have a disability. That has been increased by society to create an enviornment that creates an idenity a cominality of experience. I think the corect statement isn't that everyone has a disability but everyone can become disabled.

I think that a disability; becomes a disability when an adaption for that disability isn't a seamless connection in society. Eyeglasses are seamless no one thinks of vision as a disability if eyeglasses correct them; the common little kid wants to get glasses at times cause it is cool. I don't worry about talking to a professor about them, and feeling like I am a burden for having them. I guess as much as I want to be yay yay disability the thing that makes us a community in a lot of ways is that we feel oppression and by creating a community of disability we are creating a voting and an entity that has power too and not just oppression. In a lot of ways disability pride alows us to create self confidence, acceptance, political power, and a connection. Creating a community and commonality is like political power 101 and has been done in every community you can think of. Including an effort to make columbus day a holiday to prove Italians/Catholics can be American. 


  1. Yay Lav's blog!

    I like your explanation of what the difference is between a disability and a DISABILITY. That is, there's a disability continuum, and at some poing your disability reaches a level where society can't support it seamlessly.

    Like you mentioned that English is a particularly bad language for dislexics, but if you'd learned a different one (was it Italian?) you might not have even known you were dislexic. Then you wouldn't be disabled really. Physically you would be, of course, but effectively you would notice. Just like someone with glasses.

    Even things like race or being gay could be considered disabilities because society oppresses people with certain physical characteristics.

    Very interesting!

  2. this was actually one of my students points in my class, it is also important to denote that all oppressed idenities have been clasified as a disability as some point and they just tried to seperate the two idenities. This always makes me wonder, lets take a Val idenity how would it have been different instead of being a woman isn't a disability, they would of said so what.


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