Disability Community: MSU 1

Ah sigh, did I ever mention how much I love disability community? Oh, I did I know, can I tell you again? I have alluded and keep alluding too the fact that I found a disability home in college.  I came into college researching about disability offices first. If I couldn't find their website I wouldn't give them the light of day. I looked at about 5 schools, most of them were pretty good I was looking at special education at the time so I always figured if they are good in special ed their disability services have to be at least decent right?

There was one where you went into and the office looked like a cubby you could hardly get into and the woman was very dishearted I felt bad for her. There were other ones with huge offices and a lot of experience. I would always ask do you have a disability student group 2 of them had one. I really wanted to be a part of one when I got involved with college.

So my disability office had this orientation it was called wow(did I ever mention that I am not a fan of acronyms that are explanations, wow it wasn't informative yes).  I got information about what to exspect from the college, and I got to see the disability group, I introduced myself to the people at the table and they were really excited I was interested. I then went the next day to the big fair group meeting and was a little disapoint that the girl at the table didn't recognize me till I started talking.

When I came back from the club fair I had a whole list of groups, if you have ever been to one of those things you will realize it is way overwelming and I wanted to join it all. So I made a list of the top contenders and went to their meetings in order till I found one(I had been told in high school that college is different then high school because you only choose one group and become really really involved in it, advice I didn't take).  I went to habitat for humanity and the room was huge and there were over 200 people at the meeting, it was really overwhelming, and decided it wasn't for me. I then went to the disability group and there were about 30 people at the same meeting they asked for eboard members. They seemed to really need people, I liked that and the two people in charge had this great community and almost like a family. I was like I need to get to understand this NOW, so there is that I found my group.

They really got me involved, I found myself going to like 3 to 4 meetings week all of a sudden and the people who were in charge had all different types of disabilities ranging from people with quadripledga to people with out disabilities at all and just want to support the cause. We talked about everything, we would talk about love, sex, homework, how to make campus more accessible, program planning and oh so much more. I loved it, however in the begining I always seemed a little outside I didn't think anything about the fact I had a learning disability and sorta thought it wasn't a good enough disability.

Slowly, the girl I thought had ingnored me(she is visually impaired) so not so much on the whole ignoring, anyways we found that we both used text to speak software and had trouble driving. She was the first person that taught me that I still could be really independent with out driving and also a lot about adaptive technology. Since our adaptations were so similar I started to feel more connected to the community. I slowly really learned how to articulate my disability, there weren't many people with LD in these meetings and a lot of them seemed to leave I always wondered why, I always think that LD peeps don't see as much of a disability community.... I keep wanting to be prove this isn't true.


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