I find myself facisnated by adaptions and disabilities, I think from the moment I realized that my disability wasn't some curse. It has facisnated me, how does my brain think differently. How does someone walk with a prostesis. Why does different colored paper affect how I read? Why is it that I only see in still frames and have a photographic memory of some books and can quote and know the page number and some it is like a vacum I read day by day by day and nothing sticks like that.

Some of it is clear I know why dyslexics are known to be good deligators. The first thing you learn as a dysleixic is you have to figure out a way not to be the note taker in a group of 4 when you have to report back to the class. I know I have to figure out a way to make one of these people write. "Oh I know look that one over their has great handwriting, before teacher asks I should say oh Blah person your handwriting is gorgeous" and then when everyone has been told we need a notetaker, wait for volunteers no one "Oh you know since you have such gorgeous hand writing you should really be the person to write and I am a pretty good speaker I will report back if you all want" So two things compliment the persons strength and offer yourself to do something a lot of people don't want to do and do it well.

Another thing you realize is when you only catch about 50 precent of what a teacher says, when you know the answer you better raise your hand and give it as much as possible. So when it comes to a question you heard like you were listening to charlie brown's teacher they won't call on you. You sit up front so you hear, but it also makes you look like you want to learn, which I guess is true if I have to read your lips to understand you.  I want to understand you.

You learn how to multitask by coming up with boring things that distract you enough to be able to listen with out driving people nuts. You slowly find ever notebook you own has small triangle designs made of different color pens.

You always care maps with you, you find yourself going places the day before to make sure you won't get lost. You make sure to write down the room number in 4 different places so you didn't transpose it wrong. You learn all the ways you transpose so if the class is not in room 450,  you look at 540, 405, 504 and anything else close.

You copy and paste spelling, you only use the spelling that is already on the test, you love multiple choice tests with easys cause all the things you need to spell is in the multiple choice test. You find yourself using simpler words. Your writing becomes known as direct and to the point, when you know your LD makes details seem insignificant to you and you hope that dickens won't be on the sylabus this semester cause he love details.

You find yourself creating study groups in college on the first day cause you are an oral learner. You introduce yourself while sitting in the front so you can lip read. You are persistant at finding who wants the study group people find this outgoing, you find it a neccessity of passing.

You are never tired the night before a paper is dure cause you had to get someone to proof it so; you are always tired the day or two before. YOU HATE THIS!!! All you want to do is be the procrastinator, but you need it too be all done ahead of time and you have to be willing to go yep that is good enough. You have to finish and you know it won't be perfect, cause your writing even after proofing isn't. You want it to be good, and you dread that statement of you know "You really should have someone proof your papers".... in your head 2 people proofed this and they both looked at it 2 to 3 times.  Your ideas are there but the grammer and spelling are off. You nod and act like this is a wise idea.

Then they have you do inclase writing or a rough draft(that means no spelling and grammer checks right) and the prof say oh I guess you do have your stuff checked hahah.


  1. I love Val's blog. :)

    So oral learner, not auditory. I guess those are different.

    It sounds an awful lot like your disability is in many was an advantage. I've figured that was true for a while....


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