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I love the bus :)

So I have been told my entire life there is no public transit in Detroit. So I never used it.  I went away to college and used it a little but walked almost everywhere cause it was easier.  When I went away to grad school I used it almost exclusively, I always thought people would walk a lot in Iowa.... farmers and all.... nope not so much they all took the bus.  So I used it more and liked it. Now I am back home and find myself using it to ger places I never thought I could get to with out driving. I am loving it, grant it I have to plan but you know being disabled don't you always have to plan :).

I have gone North, South, East and West all with ease i have found myself going at least 15 miles on the bus and I think even more. What does amaze me is how since it is more to get to points going 3 miles can sometimes take as long if not longer then going 10 but when you use the bus you think more in grids. I am not saying that if I figured I could drive that I wouldn't public tr…

Disability Community: MSU 1

Ah sigh, did I ever mention how much I love disability community? Oh, I did I know, can I tell you again? I have alluded and keep alluding too the fact that I found a disability home in college.  I came into college researching about disability offices first. If I couldn't find their website I wouldn't give them the light of day. I looked at about 5 schools, most of them were pretty good I was looking at special education at the time so I always figured if they are good in special ed their disability services have to be at least decent right?

There was one where you went into and the office looked like a cubby you could hardly get into and the woman was very dishearted I felt bad for her. There were other ones with huge offices and a lot of experience. I would always ask do you have a disability student group 2 of them had one. I really wanted to be a part of one when I got involved with college.

So my disability office had this orientation it was called wow(did I ever mention…

It's a bad dyselxic day

So I can never remember any numbers and it looks like I inverted numbers again in a bank issue I am having and I just moved to a place where my bank is not. So I either have to drive out of state or find some other way to resolve it. I am so pissed first at myself, cause I can't belive I did this and I should of taken care of this before I moved but I kept telling myself well maybe I will just wait till I move again, but being that I invert everything wrong I am not suprised I did.  I feel so stupid, I can be all happy go lucky disability girl most the time but sometimes you just have a bad disability day.

Now I am sure it sounds like i stole my own idenity or something stupid to my bank. I don't mean to. I didn't mean to invert, I didn't mean to not switch my adress yet, I just want to get this resolved. Everything that could of gone wrong has gone wrong.

Finding yourself looking at a youngerself

I am tutoring someone with manny of my problems. I am trying really hard to figure out ways to get her into her school work. I hear her pain. I hear that loss, that loss of everyone else can do this and I can't. She is a great girl. I love working with her, but she challenges me. I am trying hard to come up with things that let her wiggle her way through stuff.

 I find myself trying to be as patient as someone was with me. Trying to teach lessons but also teach self confidence. I am trying to make learning fun, but also make learning needed. I love to read, and to try to remember a time where I couldn't is hard. I have a feeling that was true at one point but I don't remember it.  Going to school, writing, spelling... all of those things my hatered for are very vivid, in fact those are things I don't do with her because I have a lot of trouble with still how can I teach those. Math and reading I can and other stuff. Social Studies the thing I love, I love story telling…


I find myself facisnated by adaptions and disabilities, I think from the moment I realized that my disability wasn't some curse. It has facisnated me, how does my brain think differently. How does someone walk with a prostesis. Why does different colored paper affect how I read? Why is it that I only see in still frames and have a photographic memory of some books and can quote and know the page number and some it is like a vacum I read day by day by day and nothing sticks like that.

Some of it is clear I know why dyslexics are known to be good deligators. The first thing you learn as a dysleixic is you have to figure out a way not to be the note taker in a group of 4 when you have to report back to the class. I know I have to figure out a way to make one of these people write. "Oh I know look that one over their has great handwriting, before teacher asks I should say oh Blah person your handwriting is gorgeous" and then when everyone has been told we need a notetaker, w…

The olympics/paralympics

So to me I find it so wierd that everyone is so amazed that their was a tourchbarer who was in the paralympics. China had many more paralympians in their cerimony, it is not unuasual well maybe since atlanta not as unusual. Grant it I am happy more awarness for the paralympics is great. As a very pro adaptive sports person I am greatly happy. However, it was one person out of the whole cerimony, one person when the paralympics happen in the same venues in the same place. Also did I mention that the U.S. is one of few countries that does not publize or show the paralympics at all. They are this year showing it online. This was sited as one of the reasons that the U.S. did not get selected as the host site for the New York olympics.

I think we should applaud small steps, but really I want to see sledge hockey on normal tv. I want to have access to watch adaptive sports on tv. The olympics have always facsnated and it has always been something that I think celebrates adaption and pushing…

The Helper

When I was little and feeling horrible, there was a tutor who taught me how to fly. So now I am a tutor working with kids who you can tell are defeated. I am really struggling with this. Can I be that tutor, her I am the dyslexic, the LD kid, and the ADHD girl. How can you teach something that you can not 100% do. I guess that is something all teachers struggle with no one is 100% knowledgable.

I hope it works, it seems to be. I do like saying to a kid you know that was how my report card looked when I was your age it gives an entirely new perspective. I am enjoying this tutoring thing. I just kinda wonder what will happen when I find that new SA job. In the economy I guess I can't really worry about that new job I am working so hard to get, I must focus on the now. I am really like tutoring. I feel for the kids I tutor, I can really relate with them. I see their pain and I keep going I have been there.

I try a buncha different things that helped me. I find myself concously trying…

Disability debates 1

So I keep having disbaility discusions on facebook with my friends and getting all my disabilty bloging out of me hahah. So i thought why not put it here. This is response to what do you say when someone says all of us have disabilities.

I think there is a legal definition for disability, and I think that what it goes into is more the affect a disability has on your life and the preception that other people have that you have a disability. That has been increased by society to create an enviornment that creates an idenity a cominality of experience. I think the corect statement isn't that everyone has a disability but everyone can become disabled.

I think that a disability; becomes a disability when an adaption for that disability isn't a seamless connection in society. Eyeglasses are seamless no one thinks of vision as a disability if eyeglasses correct them; the common little kid wants to get glasses at times cause it is cool. I don't worry about talking to a professor ab…
I love to talk about disability postively I love it. I love disability culture and pride and ability and adaption. I love everything about it. I see it in shades of light and contrast. I love the beauty of adaption. I know it is wierd but it is me it is who I am. I am constantly reminded of the pity orientaion of most people who work with people with disability. I keep getting scared that I will catch this view point. I look at oppression all the time I work on the ebs and flows of oppression of people with disabilities when to stand up to it when not to. I look at a fight of access as something truely intigrated in life.

I think that because eventually everyone will probably gain a disability and usually it is something that happens later in life it is something most people feel they know. I keep going to this place of complete support for people with disability and I don't know how else to talk about it. I think of this room this place where I feel so accepted by people with dis…