Teachers and Administrators: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly 4

So I talk about teachers as bad or good well now I am going to talk about the moderate. I had a teacher in 7th and 8th grade that was the 2nd most strict teacher I have ever had. She was the type of teacher who in one look could make you hide in yourself and think she was going to kill you. I was deathly frighten of her. Did I mention till  high school I was a bit wimpy and quiet geeky. Anyways so this teacher was very short and quick, we used to think of her as a sargent in boot camp a grammer boot camp. At the time I didn't like her but at the sametime I respected her to some extent. She would bring in students to talk about high school and college to us and talk about how this boot camp of sorts was the best thing that helped them prepare for college and high school. I thought it wasn't true, but I am here to say I have used the things she taught me almost everyday of my life. Were her tactics unconventional, hell yeah, do I say I wish I wasn't frightened of her, yeah. I also don't think I fear works to teach completly. The unique thing about her is she had processes that worked.

She did things like make you take notes in a specific way, make you conceptualize papers in a specific way, make you memorize till you died, drilled you, she expected a lot of you and she expected to see it, and she we worked your butt off. The difference about her was opposed to expecting you just to learn she told you how to learn and didn't mark you on the whole things but on the parts. In college I used to hate teachers who wanted you to show all your steps, or I guess hate is a strong word, I just felt it was more elemtary. I also really like the way this 7th grade teacher taught me how to do things. If it was how to do a research paper or how to memorize prepositions; myself and almost all my friends who had her; her systems worked.

She would yell at student who didn't follow her rules and not just yell viciously make fun of. I remember being sooo scared of her when I made a mistake I cried when I had to tell her. The wierd thing is; I guess it isn't wierd she always liked me or you felt that way even when she would occassionaly make fun of me. I have been affaird of two teachers in my life one that gives me mixed reviews and another that I can't tell you one thing I learned in her class.

One thing I remember was in 8th grade I was going to be in all the honors classes except hers English; to have gone from none to almost all including reading.  Was sort of a shock I was getting a C+ in her class; hardly enough to get into the honors class and I didn't want to go. She took me aside and said you need to be in my honors class. I told her how I am getting a C+ in your class; she said you are smart and the things you are getting wrong are due to your disability the level of work might change but you will probably still get a C+. I didn't try the honors class; however that statement kept hitting me; the issues you are having doesn't depend on level you will always get triped up by small details. While I didn't use it then it really made me think it is true that as long as you don't fail if you do  okay and have pushed yourself it means more.

This same teacher was the first teacher who would give you a sorta parameter but you really got to pick what you wanted to do. It was more like college writing than anthing I ever got in high school which has always seemed odd to me. Hers was the class i first wrote about my disability in, the first time I owned it. The thing I loved about her class was she would give a content score and a grammer score; for someone who always got marked down on basics of spelling and grammer it was amazing to see your first A on a  paper even if the other grade could of been as low as an F. It was also amazing to pick something you wanted to write about. I still use the tecquniques she taught me in 7th grade everytime i have ever wrote a research paper if it is my grad school paper, my final for undergrad or just a short 5 page research paper. The tecques always make me feel control over my writing.

I guess the older I get and more I feel I have used what she has taught me the fear that she gave me no longer angers me as much. I feel more thankful for the lessons she taught me


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