So since I am currently at a bowl game I need a sports post

So as I sit here in a group of MSU football fans. Go State by the way. I need to write a sports story for this occassion. Recently there is an LD scandle at Florida State University. The question being I think two fold is it possibile to really have this amount of LD students on one football or basketball team or what does this do to people on these teams who really do have LD because I will bet there are some ligit cases of being LD.

They made it sound like it is job pressure for he person to write papers to players or to give them questions to a test. In disability services isn't your goal to help students become more and more independent. I know that mine sure did. I think anyone who thinks getting through school with out really getting through school is a failing. Getting through college is a great achievement and anyone who makes that achievement no longer real is a failure. I know that there is a lot of presure to help students successed but sometimes students need to fail to achieve. I really hope this does not give any ideas to proffessors and others that LD students are lieing to them.


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